From idea to finished product in a day

Recreate shapes in minutes with professional standard vacuum forming on your desktop
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Make ideas real in minutes

Instantly create reusable molds, parts and prototypes to a professional standard

Make short runs without outsourcing

Need a small number of finished parts or casted products? Create them on your benchtop in a day

Turbocharge your 3D printer

Create replicas of your prints in just seconds, and experiment quickly and easily

Work with a world of possibilities

Test shapes, materials, and textures instantly, at low cost

Take back control of your design process

Eliminate the headaches of MOQs and lengthy wait times by producing from your desktop

Slash costs and wait times

Create parts and molds from $1 each and derisk your creative and iterative processes

Industrial power

Quickly produce prototypes and versions which illustrate your vision to customers and clients

A world of possibilites, hundreds of applications


Create short runs of custom packaging, or bring added realism to your prototypes by replicating their on-the-shelf appearance

Transparent parts

Work with a wide range of plastics, and create the durable, transparent parts that your 3D printer can’t produce

Product casings

Get visual and functional feedback on how your designs will perform through rigorous testing

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Casting parts

Create accurate, reusable molds in minutes, and use them to work with silicone, resin, or any other pourable material

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Test material finishes

With the ability to pick up detail as fine as a grain of sand, you can experiment with organic textures and find the perfect finish

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Electronics casings

Find the right aesthetic for your electronic prototypes and products by nimbly creating and iterating on the full range of your ideas

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Add speed and flexibility to your design process

The FormBox accelerates you through design iterations, which gets you to approval and mass-manufacturing quicker than ever. Go beyond CAD and 3D printing to get a comprehensive understanding of your vision’s viability

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